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Writed date : 13-01-22 20:14
No doubt! It's amazing robot vacuum cleaner! Pporo K7 is just for your lovely cat~!
 Writer : Tijana Per…
Wiew : 10,321  
Actually, I am a working mom rasing a cat, so I really needed to buy a robot vacuum cleanr. After considering if I am buying this gadeget over and over, I finally decided to buy it. ^^
This is my new robot vacuum cleaner. I think this is really adorable one. Isn't it? lol

Did you notice you can see the trace which shows the K7 actually works well. lol

After using it, I realized the mopping system is really suitable for my house.

Acatually, I was shocked when I saw this stuff.
Since I really liked raising a cat, I didn't care about fur of my cat.
However, hm... you know? in a certain point, I thought it's better to live in a fresh environment for my health.
Nowadays, I feel like I am getting healthier with my lovely cat.
I believe that a small change makes a big difference. ^^
Let's enjoy our life with this small gadget.


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