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Mamirobot Pporo K7
Pporo K7 Wine
Pporo K7 Orange
Pporo K7 Lime
Pporo K7 White
Pporo K7 titanium
Mamirobot Pporo K5
Pporo K5 Wine
Pporo K5 Orange
Pporo K5 Lime
Pporo K5 White
Pporo K5 titanium
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Writed date : 13-01-28 19:08
Wow Pporo K7~ Let it be~ (Thanks for my new robot vacuum cleaner and thanks to Mamirobot)
 Writer : Philip tse
Wiew : 2,354  
Actually, I am raising four daughters, so I felt pressure in cleaning their hair. ㅠㅠ
I was really eager to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner which might
make it easier to clean up that stuff. LOL.

So, I finally purchased the Pporo K7. Isn't the wine color neat? I really like the color.
You can see the main brush which wipes out hair and tiny dust.

Actually, while cooking or watching TV, I can run it by just clicking one button.
Easy life? ^ ^
The picture on the left side shows the initial condition of a dust container. Another picture on the right side shows the condition after using it.
I got the package of disposable dust filters during the promotion period. Wow

Actually, after using the mop, you can recycle it by washing it out.

See the powerful suction system as well as rotating main brush. Sounds good? lol

This is a hand cleaner which comes with the Pporo K7.
You can use it for cleaning up narrow space.


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