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license / patent
Writed date : 12-12-10 10:56
G-Fair exhibition in Jakarta Indonesia
 Writer : mamirobot
Wiew : 2,963  
Mamirobot has attended to the G-fair exhibition 2012 in Indonesia.
Very proud 3 of Mamirobot marketing managers went to Incheon international airport at the first Monday December.
They had to be in the airplane for more than 7 hours.
It's a long flight even though Indonesia as part of Asia.
That's what they had to be in which is Korean air
They just arrived at the Jakarta international airport at 9 : 30 PM local time in Indonesia.
They look not very well but they try to be smiled for photo
That's the bus they took on but the thing is that they are not alone~
What they just wanna do is just going to bed so quickly but they were waiting for the other candidates
As everyone think they can just walk away from the airport but it's not easy to get on the bus as they want. 
Wow look at the scenery!!!
Most of normal people think that Indonesia is developing country so that they are living poor but it's not at all.
Once you visit you will shout " Wow fantastic"

The second day they attended in the dinner party which is held by GSBC
They got some information of Indonesian market as well as economy.
Two managers were wearing formal suit for this dinner, they look great~
Howevery, the funny thing is that they are the only men who wear formal among other participants
this is the Mamirobot booth for exhibition
One more guy is the translator for Indonesian, named Teahyen Ko and aged 20 years old
Many buyers came to the booths and asked many questions about the robot vacuum cleaner
Look at the front dest of Mamirobot booth.
Looks very well organized by the managers^^


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